IB Middle Years Programme Assessments

Assessment in the MYP is criterion-related in which our students are measured against criteria prescribed by the IB for each of the subject groups. Teachers modify these criteria descriptors for the early years of the programme to make them more age-appropriate. Tasks are then designed by teachers which are internally assessed according to the criteria. Teachers provide students with tasks and task-specific clarifications to help them to understand the requirements of the task. Students will also be asked to reflect upon their work and learning, and these will be sent home to parents as part of our reporting process.
Advantages of criteria-related assessment for students

  • By reading the descriptors and clarifications, the students can focus on what is expected of them
  • When students have a more detailed understanding of what is expected of them, student performance improves
  • When a task is assessed using a rubric, students get more specific feedback acknowledging the aspects of the task they did well on and giving guidance for how to reach the next level
  • Criterion-related assessment acknowledges that learning is a dynamic ongoing process and that grades should acknowledge what students know, understand and do at that specific point in time
  • Students are able to reflect more knowledgeably and set specific action goals.

TIS MYP Reporting timelines:

Time frame Task
On-going Teacher comments are sent to parents on completion of unit/summative assessment tasks.
End of 1st Q
(Early November)
Quarter reports

  • MYP quarter reports include and ATLs and teacher comments

Parent-teacher conferences (10 minutes drop-in) are held to discuss qualitative aspects of student progress.

End of Semester 1
(End of Jan)
Formal semester grade reports

End of 3rd Q
(Early April)
Quarter reports

  • MYP quarter reports include ATLs and teacher comments.

MYP Student-led conferences (1 hour) during a full-day rotation

End of Semester 2
(Mid June)
Formal semester grade reports

  • MYP semester reports include student reflection on the Learner Profile and ATLs, Criteria Levels, and Final Achievement levels.

MYP Assessment sites and documents:
IB MYP site on assessment:

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