Mathematics Programme (Grades 6 to 10)

Students studying Mathematics at TIS investigate eight units at each grade level. Each unit is organized around an important mathematical idea or cluster of related ideas. Each unit covers material in a particular strand of mathematics. Problem-centered teaching opens the mathematics classroom to exploring, conjecturing, reasoning, and communicating. Our instructional model is very different from the “transmission” model in which teachers tell students facts and demonstrate procedures and then students learn the facts and practice the procedures.  Our instruction encompasses three phases: launching, exploring, and summarizing.

Grade 6
Factors and Multiples
Understanding Rational Numbers
Two-Dimensional Geometry
Understanding Fraction Operations
Two-Dimensional Measurement
Computing With Decimals and Percents

Grade 7
Introducing Algebra
Ratio, Proportion, and Percent
Positive and Negative Numbers
Linear Relationships
Three-Dimensional Measurement
Probability and Expected Value
Describing Variability and Comparing Groups

Grade 8
Linear and Inverse Variation
The Pythagorean Theorem
Exponential Relationships
Quadratic Relationships
Symmetry and Transformations
Making Sense of Symbols
Linear Systems and Inequalities
Data and Statistics

Grade 9
Geometry (currently) – Topic from the school year 2009-2010:
Basic Number Skills
Working Mathematically
Consumer Arithmetic
Indices and Surds
Algebraic Expressions
Equations, Inequalities and Formulae
Factorizing Algebraic Expressions
Co-ordinate Geometry
Simultaneous Equations
Graphs of Physical Phenomena
Deductive Geometry

Grade 10
Algebra 2 (Currently) – Topics from the school year 2009-2010
Number and Arithmetic
Quadratic equations
Special graphs
Further Algebra
Linear programming
Curve sketching Expressions, Polynomials, Functions and Logarithms, Surface Area and Volume,
Similarity, Trigonometry, Circle Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Matrices and Transformations.