Middle School STUCO

Faculty AdvisorsMark Hughes, Sione Taupeaafe

For the first time at Tashkent International School, middle school students now have their own student council. In previous years, students in grades 6 through 8 fell under the secondary student council groups.

The change has been made to help build an identity for middle school students and give them a voice for their own concerns. As the name suggests, middle school students are truly caught in the middle – not young enough to be elementary yet not big enough for some of the secondary activities. They needed their own avenue to plan events and organize activities that appeal to a middle school audience while letting them use and develop their leadership skills.

Middle School STUCO consists of seven members who volunteer for STUCO through the After-School Activities program. The group does not have an executive board. They plan to organize events that will appeal to students their age, such as dances, game nights, a chess tournament, a snow night, and community service opportunities.

The Middle School STUCO oftens works with the Elementary and Secondary STUCOs to organize school-wide events.


Open Gym Night – Shootin’ Hoops

Open Gym Night – Fun & Games