The Arts

Please visit the Elementary Arts mini site!
The Elementary Arts team has created a mini site as a central location for parents to easily access information about in-class arts activities.  This site includes photographs, a calendar, curriculum documents and a blog.

Arts Philosophy at Tashkent International School
Elementary Arts at TIS include Drama, Music and Visual Art. These PYP courses offer students opportunities and experiences through which they are encouraged to develop a sense of self and an understanding of the world around them. The key skills of creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, reflection, appreciation and feedback are explicit elements of an Arts curriculum. These skills also reach beyond the Arts classroom to all areas of a child’s learning and into the future as lifelong skills.


The Arts co-curricular program is designed to facilitate opportunities for all students to participate in public events, and places the greatest emphasis on the creative process and the experience of being part of an event. The co-curricular program will build on the skills, knowledge and attitudes from the curricular program and provide opportunities for the extension of a student’s artistic skills.

In the curricular and co-curricular Arts, learning through doing, taking risks and experimenting means that students learn in a real and authentic context and that Arts teaching embodies a student-centered approach. Students face what is uncertain, make connections, tap into their imaginations, learn how to express themselves and develop respectful and supportive ways of interacting. The Arts teaches ‘people,’ not just ‘skills,’ and as such is vital to the development of the whole person