Physical Education

Elementary Physical Education
The elementary physical education (PE) program at Tashkent International School uses a range of teaching styles and a well-developed curriculum so each child’s potential will be fully met.

The main objectives of the physical education program are:
• to establish positive attitudes towards a healthy and active lifestyle;
• encourage personal and social development by interacting with others; and
• promote the benefits of physical activity.

EP-10.05.12 - PS1 PE-8

Even though competition is a natural part of sports, the focus as this age is participation in a pleasant, safe and non-threatening environment. Participation by all students is encouraged within our regular physical education lessons and extra curricular sport activities. The focus of enjoyment and team cooperation in play is stress rather than winning.

EP-10.05.12 - PS1 PE-1

Elementary have a physical education lesson on average every other day with the PE specialist. Students have access to the indoor gym and outdoor facilities (soccer pitch, basketball courts and track).