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Objectives and Aims of the Library and Library Program

Elementary Librarian – Sayyora Tairova
Elementary Library Assistant – Liesl van der Bank

The elementary school library is a dynamic, exciting component in the educational process for all children at all stages of their schooling at Tashkent International School. It is a place where children learn to use the library properly and come to respect the knowledge the library holds.

EPP-111113 - Elem Readers-12Photo by Erik Peterson

The elementary library at TIS works to create an educational and cultural environment where individuals are exposed to ideas through the use of a variety of resources in a variety of media formats. The library is equipped to provide teachers with instructional materials and professional resources.

The library is an integral part of the total school program, serving both the recreational needs and curricular needs of the students and faculty. The library program caters to teaching literary appreciation and information literacy skills, including more technical skills.

The elementary library is equipped with 10 Apple desktop computers with Internet access.