English Language Learner

ELL Coordinator – Jessica Shiffman
ELL Teachers – Nargiva Azizova, Marina Leytgold, and Jennifer Hill-Wild

Welcome to the English Language Learners (ELL) program at Tashkent International School. Children first arriving at an international school with limited English often find the first few months challenging. ELL teachers at TIS work in close collaboration with classroom teachers and parents to ensure that each child flourishes in our school. To facilitate this transition, we pay close attention to the social and academic needs of each student.

As an international school that values diversity, our ELL students are an integral part of our educational community. English is taught within a safe, nurturing environment. ELL students are full participants in the classroom with the appropriate level of support available to ensure a successful experience.

Objectives of the ELL Program:
• to facilitate the transition from the previous school into an English-speaking program;
• to provide encouragement and foster self-esteem in order to maximize learning;
• to monitor the progress of students and assess their readiness to move through the stages of the ELL program;
• to increase a student’s level of English language proficiency and to prepare them for full participation in mainstream classes; and
• to develop the skills required by the subjects in the curriculum and/or the Units of Inquiry.

Elementary ELL
The beginners ELL program focuses on developing listening, conversational and social/cultural skills. Students learn basic vocabulary and sentence structures in order to function and feel comfortable with the routines of the school.

Following a period of initial instruction, the focus of the ELL program is for students to learn and use the language in the subject areas. The program helps students develop reading and writing skills within the context of the classroom Units of Inquiry.