Elementary Principal’s Welcome

epp-160812-jan_humpleby-002WELCOME TO THE TIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Elementary School. I am personally and professionally delighted to be leading such a forward thinking staff who seek continual improvement as we strive to provide the best learning opportunities for each of your children.

Two educational beliefs about learning guide our work:
•    Learning is a process that is never ending
•    Learning is a partnership

Learning is a process that is never ending. At TIS our task is to empower each individual child through their educational journey to become happy life-long learners, who are mindful, knowledgeable, self-aware and resilient to face the ever changing world that awaits them. We educate your children for their future not our past, by touching their hearts, minds and souls.

Learning in the Elementary School is about developing personal, emotional and social skills as well as being an intellectual and academic process. We pride ourselves in treating each child as an individual and scaffolding their learning so they can all successfully meet the high expectations set for them from their point of entry.

We help each individual child learn how to learn and how to apply skills and knowledge across an ever-increasing spectrum of experiences. Through developing a growth mindset, children unleash their infinite potential, find their voice and their uniqueness within a school that has high, rigorous educational standards that compare internationally with best practice.

Your children are taught the skills to recognize, acknowledge, and take responsibility for their own learning and actions. Learning does not end at the classroom door but continues and flows into the community. We encourage children to think about what their contribution will be in the world – how they will try to make a difference as responsible and engaged members of the school community as well as citizens of the world.

Learning is a partnership. We share the same children. The key to unlocking effective, successful learning is close partnerships with you, the parents. As teachers and parents, together we must model to the children positive habits of mind, life long learning, a culture of collaboration and effective communication.

There are many ways to support your child’s learning but most importantly we value regular, timely communication with your child’s teacher about their needs. We treat each child as an individual on their own educational journey, therefore the more information we have about their background and needs the better equipped we are to adjust their learning accordingly. Effective, ongoing communication between teachers and parents is vital. If you have any pertinent information, questions or concerns, please let us know promptly so that we can deal with any issues immediately.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the many varied opportunities provided during the year such as parent meetings, workshops and productions that help you to understand the educational philosophy and approaches to teaching and learning here at TIS.

To all new and returning families, I welcome you to the new academic year. While at TIS your child will work with and learn from an amazing international community of classmates and teachers. Myself and our team of highly professional teachers and teaching assistants are excited to embark on the learning process partnership with you and your children. Please take some time to get to know us and explore our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Welcome to TIS,

Jan Humpleby
Elementary Principal