Portfolios are developmental pictures of a student’s progress. Portfolios allow for the sharing of learning processes as well as the sharing of created products. A child’s portfolio will be started when he/she enters Tashkent International School (TIS) and will follow the child grade to grade, allowing him/her to reflect on the progress made. Portfolios will be kept at TIS until the child permanently leaves.

Purposes of portfolios:

Portfolios are designed to:

• empower students to be active participants in their own learning;

• encourage reflection from the student, parents and teacher on the learning process and achievements;

• encourage students and parents to see learning as a continuous process;

• encourage a child’s sense of pride in his/her work, thereby building self-esteem;

• encourage collaboration between the student, teachers and parents in the portfolio process; and

• encourage an emphasis on the learning process as well as the products.

Parent Student Conference

Portfolios also:

• give evidence of and celebrate achievements;

• facilitate ongoing assessment;

• examine growth over a period of time; and

• provide information for the child’s next teacher and/or school.