Student-Led Conferences – May 13

Second semester student-led conferences for secondary students at Tashkent International School are scheduled for Friday, May 13. There will be no secondary classes or after-school activities on this day. The elementary school will observe a normal class and activity schedule. … Continue reading

Middle Schoolers Celebrate Pi Day – 3.14

It was a great day of Pi reciting, Pi activities and the now-famous Pi-in-the-face challenge at Tashkent International School on Monday, March 14 as middle school students celebrated Pi Day, 3.14. About 4,000 years ago the Babylonians found an estimate … Continue reading

Middle School Drama Opens March 16

The annual Middle School Production at Tashkent International School opens Wednesday, March 16 and runs through Friday, March 18. Tickets go on sale a week before the production. The drama this year is called Struwwel Peter.