Shake Me Up Virtual Film Festival: 1st and 2nd Place Winners in Round One

“Two muhallas, both alike in dignity, in fair Bukhara, where we lay our scene….” On May 17th, TIS students in Grade 9 Language and Literature were awarded 1st and 2nd place rankings in round one of the Prague Shakespeare Company’s … Continue reading

Second Gym – construction update

Construction of the second gym is progressing steadily with several phases completed including the foundation; structure of the offices, fitness room and changing rooms; and the beginning of the steel framing of the gym itself.  Once the framing is complete … Continue reading

TIS staff cycling round the world

Two international school teachers are about to embark on an around the world bicycle ride, with an educational focus.   Niamh Conway from Ireland and Matthew Good from England, who are currently teachers here at TIS are heading out of … Continue reading