Shake Me Up Virtual Film Festival: 1st and 2nd Place Winners in Round One

“Two muhallas, both alike in dignity, in fair Bukhara, where we lay our scene….” On May 17th, TIS students in Grade 9 Language and Literature were awarded 1st and 2nd place rankings in round one of the Prague Shakespeare Company’s … Continue reading

Job Posting: Korean Literature Teacher

Tashkent International School is seeking a qualified part-time teacher of Korean Literature for a IB Diploma Programme Literature course, beginning in August 2017. The ideal candidate will have a full teacher certification, experience of teaching high school literature in Korean … Continue reading

Second Gym – construction update

Construction of the second gym is progressing steadily with several phases completed including the foundation; structure of the offices, fitness room and changing rooms; and the beginning of the steel framing of the gym itself.  Once the framing is complete … Continue reading