Owls Athletics Statement of Philosophy

The purpose of the Athletics Program at TIS is to foster the social, emotional, physical and moral development of the student-athlete participant, along with fostering the IB Learner Profile. All participants are expected to display the proper ideals of sportsmanship, ethics and respect. Participation in our Athletics program is a privilege and those who participate must represent the TIS community positively. Together, coaches, participants, parents and athletes are committed to being exemplary in all that we do!


Recreational Program: These occur within our activity trimester and provide students with skill instruction in a non-competitive situation. Focus is placed on developing the skills and attitudes necessary to participate in a variety of sporting activities. These opportunities will vary based on facility and resource availability. Students can sign-up for new activities each trimester. Information on this program can be found on the school website and in the Activities Coordinator’s office in the Administration Office.

ES Competitive: Beginning in grade 4 we provide students with an opportunity to represent their school within a competitive age-appropriate experience. Often students will have an opportunity to play on a team coached by one of our Secondary students. These students will prepare their teams to participate in a tournament against local schools. All students interested in playing will be included in this program, but must commit to the two one-hour practice times each week. These coincide with the after school activities calendar; Basketball in Trimester 1 and Football in Trimester 3

Secondary School Competitive 

Junior Varsity Boys’ & Girls’ Teams (Football & Basketball)
Students in grades 6 – 10 will have an opportunity to try-out to represent TIS on these teams. This is an extension activity to enable our more serious and competitive athletes the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

Varsity Boys’ & Girls’ Teams (Football, Basketball, Cross-Country, Volleyball & Track/Field)
Students in grades 6 – 12 will have an opportunity to try-out to represent TIS on these teams. This is an extension activity to enable our more serious and competitive athletes the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.

Practice Schedules
Schedules are created after consultation with various after school program leaders in an attempt to create a schedule that provides equity and opportunity for participation in a variety of after school programs. In some cases, students will have to make decisions on participation based on their own schedules.


Local Competition: TIS has established and coordinates four sports competitions and leagues for local Football and Basketball, and an annual Cross-Country and Track & Field meet. A variety of schools and clubs are invited to participate in an organized schedule of games culminating in a champion at both the Junior Varsity and Varsity levels. The leagues are designed to enable students from TIS to compete against local teams within a respectful environment to help foster positive relationships. At the Elementary level we end our season with a play-day type tournament where teams will generally play a round-robin format with local schools and clubs.

International Competition: Over the past several years we have developed a strong athletic tradition with a number of international schools throughout the Central Asia region. Our Varsity Football Teams participate in the Central Asia Soccer Classic and our Varsity Basketball Teams participate in the Central Asia Basketball Classic. In 2017 TIS will host the Central Asia Athletics Classic (Track & Field). These Central Asian events are part of the growing association called the Central Asia Federation of Activities, Athletics and Arts. It includes international schools in the Central Asia region. We are also a member of the Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) and have participated in athletic and activity events in a limited capacity.


Athletics Director: Rich McLeod

Athletics Assistant: Felix Amirkhanov