Admission FAQs

Is there a deadline for application?

Applications for admittance are due April 1 of each school year, although the school practices a policy of rolling admissions from April 1 until the grade level is full. Once a grade is full, a waiting list is started.

Parents of students currently enrolled must state their intention for return by April 1 of the current academic year. Siblings of enrolled students will be given priority for admission if they have completed the application process prior to April 1.

Applicants for the current school year who apply after April 1 may be admitted for the remainder of that year only if there is space available for the following year. Admittance for the current year, however, does not guarantee a place for the following school year

Do we need to come to TIS for an interview?

We like to meet with each student as part of the admissions process before a student is admitted into Tashkent International School. To schedule an appointment email the school registrar at or call (+998 71) 291-9667, 291-9670, 291-9671 or 291-9672.

Can you accept children with learning disabilities?

We can accept some students with individualized education plans (modified programs) and some with special needs. In such cases, the school administration and faculty will work with the family to find and identify a full- or part-time local learning support aid and/or tutors and develop a modified program of instruction, if needed. Such applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Admission is granted only if we feel the educational and social needs of the student can be met by TIS.

If you are in doubt, please contact the school before submitting your application or before making a final bid on a posting to Tashkent with your sponsoring organization. English-speaking educational psychologists, speech therapists and physiotherapists are not generally available for consultation in Tashkent.

Do you accept students during the school year?

Yes. We have families who enter the school throughout the academic year, mostly in January and February. When this occurs, the regular application process is followed and students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis if space is available.

Can I reserve a space for my child for a second semester entry in January?

We cannot guarantee available spaces, given the high demand. Please submit your application and all necessary paperwork to the school office as far in advance of your posting to Tashkent as you are able.

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