Digital Council

Faculty Advisor – vacant

Students interested in creating within the digital world find a welcome outlet in the TIS Digital Council. Here students are responsible for creating all digital promotion for school events such as on-campus computer desktop screen savers, online posters for performance arts productions, related digital materials for the Central Asian Basketball Classic, and homepage banners for elementary game night, regular sporting events and student council activities.

The Digital Council also organizes various fun events of its own such as movie night and video gaming night.

The goal of the Digital Council is to raise awareness about digital citizenship and show students how they can have a digital side to their normal, hard-copy, analog lives.

The power of the digital era is quickly emerging and the Digital Council is ready to welcome the TIS community into this new, exciting and fast-paced way to know and be known.  No special skills or computer savvy are needed to be a member of the Digital Council. The only prerequisite is the desire to learn, explore and discover while having fun.