Elementary Student Leadership

Elementary STUCO (Student Council)
Faculty Advisors –
Tina Panella, Jan Humpleby


The elementary student council has become one of the most sought after extracurricular activities in the elementary school at TIS.  All students who wish to become leaders (Grades 2-5) and to make a difference at both their school and in the local community have a chance to do so.

EPP-100213 - Elem StuCo-10

We believe that our student council is at the heart of student involvement at TIS and the most representative and powerful because it works for all students. We show respect and support by opening up to all interested students and by being aware of their needs and opinions. Cooperation is the key to getting things done. Although the advisors oversee student council meetings and activities, instruct students on holding elections and running for office, and help in establishing goals, these groups are run by students for students.  Leadership training is one goal of our student council and we have some fine student leaders at TIS.

EPP-01.17.2014 - Elem Dance-68

The elementary STUCO has been active in promoting several student-enrichment activities such as the spring and fall on-campus camp outs, game night, movie night,  trick-or-treat night, talent shows and dances. The students have also raised money through holding a fun run and book swaps. All funds raised from these student events goes toward STUCO’s community outreach program supporting an orphanage in the Tashkent area.

The students have been able to buy the orphanage a washing machine, food that they are not normally able to afford (such as bananas), and have made regular visits to play with the children. This has proven to be a valuable and rewarding experience for both the TIS students and the children at the orphanage.