Director’s Welcome


Fall 2015

On behalf of the whole TIS community, I want to welcome you to Tashkent International School. On August 18, we will begin our 21th year as an international school with around 500 students from around the world in preschool through grade 12.

This year we will have a graduating class of 29 students representing our diverse community. It is worthy to note that TIS is the only school in Uzbekistan authorized to offer all three International Baccalaureate Programmes.

Like our student population, our highly qualified faculty is also diverse, with 73 TIS teachers coming from more than 14 different countries. The diverse faculty at TIS ensures that the level of education we provide continues to be excellent and is constantly reevaluated and improved.

Like all international schools, our experienced faculty comes from places around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Poland and Uzbekistan.

We continue to improve the facilities at TIS with a focus on excellent outside play spaces, maintaining our wooded, park-like feel while optimizing the student-learning environment on our five hectare campus. This August 2015 our new Elementary Building will be dedicated with larger, purpose built upper elementary learning spaces. Our recently completed purpose-built Art and Design Building has enhanced our secondary visual arts and design technology programs.

I urge you to look through our website for more information about our school and our student body. You will find links to our comprehensive after-school activities, Parent Teacher Organization, curriculum overviews for all three IB Programmes, and great photos in our photo gallery. You can also visit our page on Facebook.

TIS is an exciting and interesting place for children to grow and learn; with students and professional families from more than 40 different nations, it makes for a very diverse and multicultural community. Small class sizes, good facilities, supportive parents and motivated students help create a positive learning environment in the classroom – a place where students can achieve their potential through an international-minded approach to education.

Welcome to Tashkent International School.


David G. Henry

Street Address:38 Sarikul Street, Tashkent 100005, Uzbekistan
International Address: 7110 Tashkent Place, Dulles VA 20189-7110
Tel.: +(998-71) 291-9670, 291-9672, 2919667 Fax: +(998-71) 120-6621