Welcome to TIS: A School Community with Vision

At TIS our Vision is to be an exemplary international school learning community. I hope all parents will join hands with our professional staff to learn together and to add to our learning community. How can you join the learning community?

  • Read the Parent Handbook so you understand TIS expectations
  • Ask questions about the parts of the school program you do not understand.
  • Attend meetings which explain our school curricula – IB PYP, IB MYP and IB DP
  • Attend all school events and sports matches
  • Ask for translation when you need it.
  • Volunteer to run an after-school activity! Maybe with another parent.
  • Volunteer to join the organizing team of a big event – example: join the UN Day Celebration Committee
  • Have your students teach you about what they are learning in school
  • Host a parent lecture in which you teach something you know to students and/or other parents
  • Join a Russian class or teach one!
  • Join an English class or teach one!
  • Join an Uzbek class or teach one!
  • Share interesting articles about education with me
  • Volunteer to read to children or to have children read to you


The TIS mascot/symbol is the owl. This was chosen because it is a symbol of wisdom and education in many cultures.  We hope TIS parents will be models of lifelong learners – people who search for learning and wisdom throughout life. This will demonstrate for our students that the wisest owls are the ones who never stop seeking knowledge.
Wishing you and your children a year full of learning and wisdom!
Myna Anderson

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