Elementary Student Newspaper Highlights

The elementary student newspaper ASA has been meeting weekly since the beginning of the year to learn about all aspects of journalism. These are some excerpts from their final issue of the year!

From Junk to State of Art

By Xeoden and Zach

Elementary StuCo (Student Council) made new trash cans with color paint and images on them and, best of all, they are made by students from each grade!

image0014th graders (pictured here while painting with their homeroom teacher Mr. Mike Ram) chose the theme from recently read books.  The light bulb image symbolizes the book The City of Ember, while the name “Esperanza” on the lid (not shown) belongs to the main character of another book, Esperanza Rising.

Students are very happy with the new trash cans but say they also miss the old ones that were fun to swing around while lining up.

All in all, kids painted 14 rubbish bins now standing across the TIS campus.

Another Way to Play Soccer?


Photo and text by Rijul
This is the coach of Four Corners Soccer ASA whose name is Oddvar Adnanes. He is giving instructions to switch teams since in this game the four teams take turns playing against each other. This game originated in Africa about 100 years ago.



Photo and text by Zach

These are members of the Four Corners soccer after school activity, from KG to the 3rd grade. They are all very tired after trying to score and defend at the same time. This picture was taken after the game. These benches might look like they are for rest. But they actually work as a goal with a goalie defending each.


Where? When?

Photo and text by Hannah

Children from KG-3rd grade enjoy the ASA 4 Corners Soccer every Wednesday. Here it shows Red team against Yellow team. This fun activity is held at the small field, which is behind the Russian building. The rules are simple: it’s soccer but there are four teams with first two teams going against each other, then the other two teams going against each other.


Photo and text by Xeoden

Players in the Four Corners soccer ASA on Wednesday play because they think it is one of the funnest sports. Four corners soccer is when four teams take turns to face the opposing corner and earn points.

Poetry Slam Winner: Minecraft “A Great PYP Attitude Activity”

By Xeoden

After five weeks into the Poetry Unit in English Literacy, Grade 5 had their own poetry slam. The homeroom teacher Catherine Thornton decided to try something engaging and says she was pleased with the results that ‘surprised the kids themselves.’ The big winner was Kristian Kadir. His “Video Games” poem “rapsodizes” our favorite videogames and even calls Minecraft ‘a great PYP attitude activity’. Should we do it more often?

Video Games Poem

By Kristian

When I play video games, I feel in my free zone,
I don’t have to wake up too early and moan.
There are immense bunches of really cool games,
And I promise if you play them it won’t be lame!
There’s a game called Terraria where you build out of blocks.
It’s so awesome and cool it’ll blow off your socks!
Then comes Forza Horizon 2, a racing game.
And I promise if you play it you won’t be ashamed!
After that comes Minecraft, which improves creativity,
What a great PYP attitude activity!
And do not forget Shadow Fight 2; it is so good it’ll blow off your shoe!
You’ll express sounds from your mouth like: “Ooooooo!”
Even a cow would like it so much it’d say “Moooooo!”
Maybe you too!
I won’t go out into the sunshine light,
I will gather up all my might,
And play videogames till the dark night.

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