Arts in the Park

Tashkent International School students and staff warmly invite you to Arts in the Park!  

Arts in the Park is an opportunity for students to showcase the unique art they’ve been creating in a festival setting.  Guests are encouraged to step beyond simply viewing art and to interact with it through a series of live performances, guided gallery exhibitions and workshops.

One can’t help but feel inspired while strolling through the beautiful TIS park during this event.  Live music drifts through branches of budding cherry blossoms, filling the campus with harmonies from classical to choral and rock to rhythm.  Roving bands of young actors and actresses immerse you in their world, transporting you to far away lands or to the depths of their incredibly creative minds.  The powerful meter of spoken word poetry meets African drumming, invoking previously unbeknownst parallels while the forms of dancers can be seen both on stage and in fluid brush strokes on canvas.

Entrance and participation is free of charge and visitors will have the opportunity to purchase food and drink from local vendors while relaxing in the immersive atmosphere or participating in the interactive workshops.  

Please join us from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 22 for the annual Arts in the Park festival.  Create, share, sustain.

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