Elementary Art Show Review

The Elementary Art show “Look Through the Eyes of a Child” took place before break on March 10th. It included artwork from students in Preschool through 5th grade. The event was successful thanks to the many families and teachers that stopped by to see our wonderful budding artists. Artwork displayed was a mixture of individual and collaborative works such as the two quilts. The quilts were made by second graders and with the gracious help of parent Lara Magnum who helped with sewing. One of these quilts will be donated to Spring Ball and the other to Elementary school building. Artwork was made during both first and second semester. Preschool and kindergarten had ceramic bowls and batik drawings. First graders had dotty owls, ceramic masks, self-portrait paintings and hieroglyphic slabs. Second graders had paper mache masks, ceramic owls, biome drawings, third graders made weavings, ceramic tiles and portrait drawings, four graders had migration artworks of different mediums, cartoon drawings, fifth graders had calligraphy drawings, persuasive paintings, functional ceramic art and abstract drawings. Our students have so much talent here it was fun to see all of the works intertwined in a show with such beautiful colors. Kid art deserves appreciation. I hope all of our young artists feel proud of their work. Every child is truly an artist. Ms Nigora and I hope you enjoyed the show and thank you again for making this a successful event!

By Ms Cook

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