DP Induction Week

It was an action packed week for the grade 11 students as they completed their induction into the diploma program. This year the students were able to learn about some of the elements for the programme very early on in the academic, so that they are fully prepared for the journey ahead.

The week started with grade level seminars on Monday and Tuesday on topics for discussion such as: Success in the Diploma, ToK- Areas of Knowledge, CAS- Philosophy, Academic honesty, Time & Stress Management

On Monday afternoon students and staff visited the DP Coordinators house (Mrs. Kennedy) for lunch in the garden followed by some time to plan for the group cooking task. On Tuesday morning students visited a local market to buy ingredients in their teams of eight, enough to cater for 40 people. In the afternoon, the groups headed to Lake Charvak to set up camp for the night. An evening of cooking, games, team bonding and ToK activities took place on Tuesday night. There was an early start on Wednesday to ensure that the group successfully negotiated climbing a nearby hill. They were rewarded with spectacular views and a feeling of accomplishment. Breakfast and lunch that day were also spectacular in their own way. Well done to all of you who gave each and every task your best shot.

All of these experiences are aimed at developing team spirit, at overcoming challenges and of course at providing students with some much needed time away from classroom pressure, to reflect on the first few weeks of their demanding but rewarding two year program.

This cohort of students seems to be a wonderful group of young adults. They are considerate, respectful and supportive of one another. They are motivated and enthusiastic towards learning inside and outside of school. I have no doubt that they will achieve great things before they leave TIS, and it makes me happy to think that these graduates will have positive impact on the wider world.
Mr. Good (Grades 11 & 12 coordinator)

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