Grade 5 Students Ready to Present Exhibition Showcase

After a full and exciting school year of research, preparation and teamwork, the grade 5 students at Tashkent International School are ready to display their results. It’s here! The final Grade 5 Exhibition Showcase (PYP Exhibition) on Wednesday, May 13 … Continue reading

Secondary Conferences – Thursday, May 14

Secondary student-led conferences will be held at Tashkent International School on Thursday, May 14. This is an excellent way for parents to learn about their child’s progress and talk directly with his/her teachers. More information will be sent to parent … Continue reading

Elementary Principal’s Coffee Morning – May 7

Elementary parents at Tashkent International School are invited to join Elementary Principal Kristen DiMatteo and TIS school counselor, Lance Yuen, on Thursday, May 7 at 8:45 a.m., for the final elementary coffee morning of the school year. DiMatteo and Yuen … Continue reading