Technology Professional Development at TIS

On Wednesday, February 25, TIS teachers were treated to a concentrated effort that highlighted the best use of technology to support learning. In a unique flipping of the student/teacher relationship, 6th graders taught secondary teachers some of the most effective apps for learning.

During our half-day professional development, 33 apps were demonstrated by the grade 6 in a “speed geeking” manner. Teacher quotes during geeking included “Brilliant!” and “The best PD ever.” Select faculty followed up the student presentation with in-depth workshops for other faculty on technology use in the classroom.

The elementary teachers had a similar experience by using the expertise of select faculty to present what they had learned in a conference they attended in Kuala Lumpur.

The focus of using technology as a content creator rather than a content consumer was in full force during these PD workshops at TIS. Teachers walked away with a deep understanding of how technology can impact learning.

This focus on professional development in the area of technology will continue as teachers make use of the iPads and other school technology to promote 21st Century skills at TIS.

For more information about technology usage at TIS, contact Brett DiMatteo, head of IT.


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