Middle School Pi Day – March 13

The Tashkent International School math department will again be sponsoring a special day in honor of Pi. This year’s Pi Day is extra special because the date extends out even further to 3.1415.  However, that auspicious date is actually going to be on a Saturday so Pi Day at tIS will be celebrated on Friday, March 13.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will engage in math, pi, and geometry-related activities that will be both indoors and outdoors. The final event will be a pi-reciting contest where students have a chance to show their memorization skills.  Participants will face a panel of judges who will include the TIS guest author, David Schwartz. The tradition is that the winner of the contest is able to throw a pie at a special member of the TIS community!  Last year’s winner was able to recite 225 digits.  Will the record be broken?  Watch to find out!



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