Middle School Bowling Fun!

Middle school students from Tashkent International School had the chance to start their weekend off with a bowling event on Friday, February 13, sponsored by the Middle School Student Council (STUCO).  Nineteen of them, as well as four teachers, met at Galaxy Bowling on Nukus Street on Friday night. There was a wide variety of skill levels, meaning that as many bowling balls rolled into the gutters as hit strikes and spares.


Students and teachers talked and joked as they watched friends take their turns and the scores go up. There were many comments on fine form, between-the-leg rolls, and special dances and moves to try to get the ball to roll the other way.  Students chose their bowling balls based on their favorite color – or the ball’s weight.

A high point for many was the pizza that the middle school STUCO bought for the bowlers. The slices certainly disappeared quickly!

When the evening ended, bowling shoes were returned and students headed out. There were many happy faces and there was plenty of joking as the middle schoolers left the building to go home.



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