Grade 11 & 12 IB Exam Presentation on February 17

Grade 11 and 12 parents and students are invited to attend a special presentation on Tuesday, February 17 designed to help them prepare for IB exams this spring. The program will run from 6 to 7 p.m. in the secondary library.

Steps to Success in IB Diploma Exams is part of the continued efforts to ensure that TIS students are successful in the Diploma Programme and is particularly relevant for grade 12 students who will take mock exams in March and the final IB exams in May. However, the strategies discussed may also be useful for grade 11 students for the semester two exams in May and eventually for the culminating exams next academic year.

The meeting discussions will be based on case studies of other students’ past experiences during the examination period. These experiences will also be located in a pedagogical context using current learning theories. The focus will be on exploring effective skills and strategies to use during the preparation period for exams, during exams and also on using the feedback from mock exams effectively to optimize performance and grades in the final IB exams.

Please email Arpita Tyagi if you are interested in this discussion and will be able to attend the event on Tuesday, February 17.


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