TIS Model United Nations Team Attends Cairo Conference

They began gathering outside the Tashkent International Airport early on a chilly October morning, ready for another adventure.

Unlike regular teenage tourists, their suitcases were packed with notes and resolutions, plenty of paper, extra pens, and a few changes of dress clothes which included a full suit and several ties for the boys and smart skirts, blouses and sensible dress shoes for the ladies.

Who were these strange high school students and where were they going?

For the third year in a row, Tashkent International School teachers took a team of high school delegates to a Model United Nations conference. This year the team went to Cairo, Egypt, to compete in the Cairo American College MUN.

Arriving a day early, the students and their teachers were able to visit some of Egypt’s most famous attractions. First they ventured to Giza for a dose of the Pyramids–they really are pretty spectacular, and “bigger than they look in movies,” said student Kate Ross. After several laughter-inducing camel rides into the edge of Sahara, the team headed to visit the nose-less Sphinx (or Spincts, as Robin called it). Oddly, while the Pyramids were bigger than they look, the Sphinx is quite a bit smaller, but still pretty cool.

After visiting Giza they went to the Cairo Museum. The museum is like visiting your crazy Uncle Nestor’s attic — dusty and filled with phenominal treasures. King Tut’s goods were mind-blowing

The following day, the real work began as the MUN conference got underway.

The TIS team did farily well overall with continued improvement from the year before. Generally speaking, only 16 or so resolutions get passed in an MUN and this was also the case in Cairo. It is extraordinarily difficult to get one through a committee particularly when the home school has about 60 percent of the delegates. This means the TIS students would have to convince students to vote for the resolution based on its merits not whether or not they were friends with students that wrote the resolution.

Two of these 16 documents were written, submitted and passed by TIS students, which is a testament to their hard work in the classroom.

Each committee also passed out four delegate awards, so 16 available and 260 students vying for them. TIS got one of these as well.

Great job to our TIS MUN team and a big thank you to the TIS coaches who managed to shepherd 20 students through three fairly arcane sets of immigration officials, on and off four airplanes, in and out of four buses, and through three airports.

These teachers put in an extraordinary amount of time into planning the trip. They “adopted” children whom they barely knew and they were on call round the clock for any potential issues. So hats off to them and all others that go out on these school trips – they are not for the faint-hearted.

Congratulations TIS MUN team and the TIS teachers – Alex Ross, Haviland Staggers and Richard Reynolds.

For more photos of the TIS MUN trip to Cairo, visit the TIS Facebook page.



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