“The Phantom Tollbooth” Arrives December 4 & 5

The elementary drama department at Tashkent International School will present The Phantom Tollbooth on December 4 & 5, 2014 in the Black Box Theatre. Tickets will be available in the school office after school on Monday, November 24.

The production is the collective work of the elementary drama after-school activity with 38 students in grades 3 – 5. Another 20 to 30 students will soon be added to the cast, bringing the full production up to almost 70 students.

The Phantom Tollbooth at TIS is based on the book by Norton Juster and is about a boy (or in this case, it is cast by a girl), who just isn’t interested in anything around her and always seems to be bored. One day she gets a surprise present delivered to her house. When she opens it, she is whisked away to the Kingdom of Knowledge, where she meets a talking dog and banterous beetle.

Together they settle a war between the Kingdom of Letters and the Kingdom of Numbers, save two princesses from an army of lazy demons and bring Rhyme and Reason back to the Kingdom of Wisdom.





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