Preschool Artists Make Mini Families From Finger Puppets

The children sat around the table, engrossed in the activity before them. Every few seconds someone asked for some help. “I need hair.” “I need glue.” “I want eyes.”

The teacher quickly handed out the materials requested and the questioning child settled back into his or her work.

Occasionally one would grab something from the other, but all disputes were handled quickly and quietly and the children once again settled into their work.

This was an average art class in the Early Learning Center at Tashkent International School earlier this month. Gathered around the table in their classroom, the children calmly worked on their projects, happy to be creating something new.

The project this particular week – and for the following week – was a family of finger puppets. Elementary Art Teacher Nigora Razzakova had already sewed the puppet bodies out of colorful felt for the children. Now their task was to add the plastic eyes, the clay hair, a few pieces of clothing and hands and feet. They also added other facial features using smaller pieces of clay.

Once complete, the children will have five puppets total – enough for one hand. The group will include a puppet for themselves, their mom, dad and two siblings (or other family members).



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