Students Explore Uzbekistan Through Week Without Walls

This fall, dozens of secondary students and their teachers from Tashkent International School traveled to the far corners of Uzbekistan as part of their annual Week Without Walls experience.

Each group in grades 6, 7, 8 and 11 went to a different Uzbek location, taking their classes and lessons beyond the walls and using Uzbekistan itself as a creative learning environment.

This year students traveled to:
Grade 6 – Lake Charvaq
Grade 7 – Khiva
Grade 8 – Kumishkan Village, Parkent
Grade 11 – Chimgan Mountain, Chatkal Mountain Range, Ugam-Chaktal National Park

The type of learning exemplified through Week Without Walls is known as ‘experiential’ and is at the heart of the WWW experience.

Experiential learning takes place outside of a classroom and encourages students to see how knowledge exists in the world beyond school—connections are made and life-long memories are also often formed. TIS students who go on these trips return at the end of the week having had an incredible journey and learning opportunity and, hopefully, also developed broader horizons. These types of experiences all contribute towards the school’s goal of educating students to be ‘internationally-minded.’

Students in grades 9 and 10 will go on their Week Without Walls trips in spring 2015.




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