Grade 5 Retreat Challenges Students While Providing Fun

On a sunny Thursday in mid-September, the grade 5 students at Tashkent International School and their teachers boarded a bus for what promised to be two days of adventure and new experiences. They were not disappointed.

The Grade 5 Retreat, titled Mission Possible!, was an opportunity for these students to get out of the comfortable surroundings of their classroom and challenge themselves through different activities, team-building exercises, and just the experience of camping and being away from home.

Mission Possible! is an annual event for grade 5 students to help them prepare for the independence of secondary school, which they will enter the following year in grade 6, but to also prep them for the Primary Years Programme project exhibition at the end of the year. The PYP project is the culminating piece of work at the end of the programme that allows students to research a topic of their choice and present their findings and results in a public exhibition, held in the spring each school year.

The grade 5 students this year had a wonderful time during their retreat and came home with many stories and even more photographs.

For photos of this trip, taken by school photographer Erik Peterson, visit the TIS Facebook.


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