Class of 2014 IB Diploma Results Higher Than IB Average

We are delighted to share with you the results achieved by our most recent graduating class in the external International Baccalaureate examinations last school year. This was the largest cohort in the history of TIS and 92.85 percent of our students were enrolled for the full IB Diploma.

The IB Diploma is an internationally recognized pre-university qualification that is highly regarded by institutes of higher learning the world over. At the global level, only 47 percent of the students registered with the IB pursue the full diploma. The majority of our students were able to earn the IB Diploma as evident from a pass rate of 92.3 percent as compared to 79 percent for IB world as a whole.

This year, our students also achieved one of the highest ever mean number of diploma points (33 out of a possible 45 as compared to the IB world average of 29.9). In fact, one of our students achieved 42 IB points, which is a significant accomplishment. Additionally, nine more students earned grades in the range of 35-39 which is impressive in light of the fact that the majority of our students are English language learners.

Among our diploma earners, 50 percent of the students earned the bilingual diploma which enables them to undertake future academic work in more than one language.

We are very proud of the achievements of the Class of 2014 and wish them all the best for their academic endeavors in the future. As educators, we draw a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that our students have excelled in both the curricular and co-curricular fields and have enabled us to achieve our mission and vision.


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