Elementary Class Photos Schedule

The schedule has been set for elementary class and individual photos at Tashkent International School. See the schedule below.

Parents should note that classroom photos will be taken once at the beginning of the year and will not be re-taken, regardless of missing or new students or staff. However, all students will have individual portraits made at some point during the year.

Photographs will be used for the yearbook, internal systems (such as the attendance system), student records and lunch cards.

The elementary class photo is a group photo of each class. Classroom teachers will sign up for specific times. All elementary classes had their photograph taken on Monday, September 8.

Elementary Individual Portraits Schedule:
Tuesday, September 9 – KGM, KGJ, 1M, 2C, 4P, 4R, 5K
Wednesday, September 10 – PS1L, PS1S, PS2G, 2H, 5M

Those classes not listed are still being scheduled however those dates will be communicated to parents as soon as possible.



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