TIS Stages Model International Court of Justice

On Sunday, May 25, the TIS Model United Nations club held its first International Court of Justice (ICJ). The question at issue was what would be the role of Jerusalem in a two-state solution.

Two guest speakers provided some background information for the students. The first was Eitan Shamir, associate professor in the department of political science at Bar Ilan University in Jerusalem. The second was Christoph Sutter, protection coordinator for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tashkent.

Both speakers provided information on the history and conflict between Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. The legal process in the case was guided by Sarah Sutherland, a TIS parent and lawyer from New Zealand now working in Tashkent.

Armed with this information, the students argued three points before the International Court of Justice.

The first argument to be tackled was whether Palestine had the right to appear before the ICJ as it only has observer status. Secondly, should the administration of Jerusalem be secular or religious. The final question concerned the track record of both parties in regards to human rights.

The students presented a very impressive showing during the event. They had learned to work as teams advocating for a case in a courtroom, presented arguments in favor of their case and made pleadings in a structured manner against the arguments of their opponents. They showed passion and intelligence in their arguments. The research that they undertook was both broad and deep, showing an understanding of the importance of aspects of good governance and there was appropriate use of international treaties, conventions and prior cases before the ICJ.

In a time when university placements are becoming ever more competitive, the ability to add attendance at a Model United Nations events to your CV improves the chance of standing out from the crowd. The addition of participation at a Model ICJ session raises this even more. These opportunities allow the students of TIS to show their international mindedness, their interest in others and showcase our school as an exemplary international school. We wish these students all the best for their participation at the Model United Nations for the coming year.


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