Grade 5 Students Present PYP Exhibition

The Grade 5 students at Tashkent International School certainly took the final PYP exhibition to a new level this year. Anyone privileged enough to  attend the performances on the evening of Tuesday, May 6 and the showcase on Wednesday, May 7, will have seen first-hand how amazing these students are, and how lucky we are to have them in our school.


Many parents have asked us in the past what exactly is the exhibition. Isn’t it just a project about a topic? It is really the culmination of everything we do in the Primary Years Programme.  Of course the children are carrying out a ‘project’ with an end result but they start off with a personal interest, issue or passion and then connect this to real life local or global issues.

Over a period of eight weeks they go through a rigorous process, beginning with finding out what their true passions are and being grouped with others who share similar interests Through examining their own conflict management  styles, the students learned not only a lot about themselves, but also about their peers. And although group work can be a challenge for all of us, our Grade 5 students worked maturely (for the most part!) throughout.


Once groups were formed the students began to plan and research their topics and finally presented them to the school community this week. What makes the exhibition different from other ‘projects’ is that this week is not the end. The students are expected to reflect and to take action of some kind as a result of their learning journey. Judging by what we have seen during the showcase many of them are already taking action. These are certainly a group of young people who are well on the way to making a positive difference to the world we live in.

Ms. Moss and Ms. K, our Grade 5 teachers along with super assistant Mr. Botir, were exceptional supervisors throughout. None of this could have been possible without them or the teacher mentors who gave their time to work with the students. However, this was student work; students who were not only learning about ‘real world’ issues but also about self-management, time-management and being self-directed.

We believe our students are already fulfilling the TIS mission through their creativity, critical thinking and communication skills. Their passions and interests also demonstrate that we have students who are truly internationally minded.

IMG_3366Congratulations to our experts in Animal Welfare, Global Warming, Issues in Fashion, Issues in Sport, Child Exploitation, Optical Illusions, Health, History, Food and Natural Disasters.  Parents and teachers of these grade 5 students should be more than proud of their children.  The middle school teachers are so lucky to have you next year!!


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