Elementary and Secondary Students Enjoy a Night of Fun!

It was a night full of fun, singing, laughter, games and the company of friends at Tashkent International School on Friday, May 2 when the elementary students put on their spring talent show and the middle school students settled in for their spring lock in.

We’ve Got Talent!
More than 170 people came to enjoy the talents of the elementary students while experiencing a relaxing evening of fun and entertainment outside on the TIS grounds.

The students showed off a wide variety of talents with a wonderful mixture of dances from many cultures and songs sung in a variety of languages. The sun went down on the final ‘happy’ dance and the audience all joined in and celebrated the end of a lovely evening.


This event was initiated and organized by the students for the students, and as well proving that even the younger students can make a difference highlighted how the TIS elementary students are fulfilling the school’s mission by being great communicators, creative and internationally minded.  Well done to everyone who participated!

The elementary student council in combination with the Grade 3 ‘One Well’ project, organized the talent show. Grade 3 teachers Maria and Valeria also helped support the project by providing homemade lemonade and fresh-baked goodies.

Middle School Lock In
Forty-one middle schoolers and five teachers spent Friday, May 2 at school for a STUCO-sponsored lock-in.

The evening started with lots of running around in organized games, as well as pickup basketball and soccer games. Things quieted down with board games and general hanging out with friends. Everyone then got comfortable with their sleeping bags and korpachas and watched the movie  “Back to the Future” before falling asleep.

Up at dawn (by choice!) and a pancake breakfast before heading home.


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