Writing Center Provides Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

It’s a common situation at any school – a student receives an assignment and the bulk of the work must be a written report or an essay. No matter what the class, from science to math to even physical education, written homework, reports and essays are basic requirements.

For some students, writing can be a stressful endeavor. Add into the equation that many students at Tashkent International School are not native-English speakers and the stress can sometimes mount.

Dan Shiffman, English teacher at TIS, realized this problem and decided to offer a solution. Using the helped of trained peer tutors from the ranks of the secondary student population, he began the TIS Writing Center last school year.

The center offers one-on-one help from peer tutors to TIS secondary students working on papers from any discipline. This school year has shown a significant increase in students coming to the writing center. The tutors have helped students working on such papers as One World science essays, math investigations, Personal Projects and extended essays.

By meeting with a trained peer tutor for 30 minutes or so,  students can learn to identify areas for improvement or just figure out what they want to say.  The tutors help students at any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to editing and guide students not only to write better papers but to become stronger, more resourceful writers and thinkers.

Tutors in grades 11 and 12 earn CAS hours and gain experience helping others develop their writing skills. Peer tutors have been Hee Young, Jaryeong,  Assad, Seonaigh, Maria, DJ,  Lola and Laziza, Yasmine and Sheila.

The Writing Center is open every Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the secondary library. All secondary students who need help, advice or just a little writing encouragement are invited to stop by! All skill levels welcome.

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