TIS Students Dazzle Crowd With Incredible Talents!

On Friday, February 28, the Elementary Student Council and Make a Difference groups came together to provide a night of fabulous entertainment while at the same time helping to raise awareness for an orphanage near Tashkent.

The Black Box Theatre was packed; there was standing room only for many of the audience who came to watch 50 students from grades 1 through 5 show off their many talents. And what a lot of talent there is in TIS!!!  Gymnasts, musicians, dancers, singers, actors, magicians, Kung Fu experts and even a talented and multi-tasking pogo stick performer. Mr. Murphy and the amazing birthday band also serenaded the audience at the beginning and end of the evening.

This event was entirely run by our student leaders who showed flair and creativity as the emcees and crowd controllers. By being aware of the needs and opinions of their peers, the students managed to create a night for everyone. Many thanks to the very patient Mr. Timur for organizing the sound and lights and to Mr. Erik who helped put everything together.

Cooperation is the key to getting things done and the Student Council worked with the Make a Difference group to raise support and awareness for the Kibray orphanage, which the students visit regularly.

Our students at TIS demonstrate the ability to be great leaders, as well as being creative, cooperative and compassionate towards others. Congratulations to all involved.

There will be DVDs of the talent show available – more details to follow after spring break.



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