Students Learn that Science is Cool!

The exciting world of science took center stage at Tashkent International School in February as both the elementary school and secondary school hosted a fun-filled activity-driving science night.

The main event took place on Wednesday, February 13 with an elementary Science Night and the secondary Science Fair, featuring student-led experiments from students in grades 6, 7 and 8. The Science Fair continued through the next morning so other students and classes could visit the experiments.

Elementary Science Night
More than 90 elementary students and their parents attended the science night event and took part in a variety of hands-on science activities and experiments, which addressed all areas of science covered in the elementary school.

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Science in the elementary school develops the students’ ability to think like scientists and to ask and answer questions in a scientific way.

Mr. Murphy’s shocking experiment with Pepsi highlighted how much sugar is hidden in soft drinks. In other activities/experiments, students and parents made electric circuits, examined wind and motion and explored the physics of sound.

Thank you to all the parents and teachers for supporting our TIS students during the elementary Science Night!

Secondary Science Fair
From early December 2013, students in grades 7 and 8 begin thinking about a project in science that will engage them for seven weeks. Each student has complete autonomy about the design of their experiment and are encouraged to choose projects that interest them in this self-directed inquiry.

This year grade 7 students looked at a range of science phenomena including ‘how much sugar produced the most amount of smoke in a smoke bomb?’ which was an experiment that made the head of the science department very nervous as he helped the student combine two combustible elements using heat,to make the smoke bomb!

Grade 7 students were also responsible for the noxious smell emanating from the biology lab for weeks as they investigated which liquids can assist plant growth and experimented with growing seeds in milk  and Pepsi.

In Grade 8, the competition amongst the students for the science fair awards was very tough and judges during the February 13 science fair took extra time to differentiate between the prize winners. The Grade 8 students were experienced science fair participants and extended their learning this year with projects that engaged with physics principles, nutrition, chemistry, biology, behavioral psychology and design.

Some projects that drew attention from the crowd were projects about a catapult, homemade pH paper, a solar oven and a plant terrarium.

The biggest excitement of the night was the Grade 6 science design fair race for the ultra distance award. The students in Grade 6 spent weeks making their own model car powered by a rubber band, which they tested in science class. This engineering project culminated in a race at the February Science Fair, whereby the first-place getters from each Grade 6 class raced their cars setting new records for distance of more than 5 meters!

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Further proof that in both elementary, secondary and throughout our lives, science is cool!

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