Students Help Open New Playground for Elementary

The new elementary playground was opened last Wednesday morning in front of the entire elementary school and a number of interested onlookers from the secondary.

The sun finally came out for us, just long enough for a group of representatives from each grade level to perform the exciting role of cutting the ribbon at our grand opening ceremony.  Ms. DiMatteo and Mr. Henry thanked the maintenance crew and our two parent volunteers, Sergiy Abashyn and Willfried Mahler, who worked tirelessly for a number of weeks to ensure that the new playground construction is safe and sturdy and that the students can play on it as soon as possible.

Mr. Henry and Ms. DiMatteo were the first down the slide and swiftly jumped out of the way to make room for the rush of excited students who finally got to enjoy this great addition to our campus

The process of getting a new playground began way back in September when Elementary Student Council members Matthew Becker, Alina Schroeder, Maja van Loggerenberg (Grade 5) and Adam Becker (Grade 4), consulted with their classmates to find out what their needs and wants were regarding playground improvement. The students then met with Ms. DiMatteo, Ms. Liz and Mr. Rashid to choose a new playground and to find out which of their ideas would be possible.

Painting of new playground games on the pathways on campus began immediately, and the wooden tree house was refurbished. Finally the equipment arrived from overseas, and the construction began. As the maintenance crew and two volunteer parents began putting it together, the children asked daily ‘When will it be finished?’ During spring break it was finally completed.

Over the coming weeks there will be a few more additions to our new and improved campus. The purple playground is the first of a number of new pieces of equipment that will be installed.


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