Grade 12 IB Mock Exams Begin March 26

Mock exams for Diploma Programme students in grade 12 will begin the week after spring break on Wednesday, March 26. The purpose of these exams is to provide an experience close to the real one so that students feel better prepared for the final exams and know what to expect. This will also enable teachers to identify gaps and areas that need to be focused on between April and May, when the final exams start.

Click for the full IB 2014 Mock Exam schedule.

In many cases, prospective universities request to see a student’s performance in the mock exams. The grades from these exams will also be used by TIS teachers to determine each student’s predicted grades, which are sent to the International Baccalaureate (IB).

All grade 12 students should be encouraged to continue to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle before and during the mock exam period. This includes a healthy diet, adequate sleep and rest. Students are expected to report to the exam venue at least 10 minutes before the actual start of the exam. Depending on the subject, they should carry relevant materials and stationery in clear plastic bag. All regular school rules are applicable during the exam period, including those regarding the use of cellphones. During exams, phones will be left on the invigilator’s desk.

When there is a gap of time between different exams, students are expected to work in the library of the DP study area unless it is recess or lunch in the regular schedule. They are also expected to leave the campus as soon as the last exam for the day is over; parents are requested to make the necessary transport arrangements.

Please note that due to the shortage of time and the number of exam papers, it may not be possible for us to make alternative arranges for students who miss these exams.

All subject teachers and Arpita Tyagi, DP coordinator, will continue to support students in preparation for the mock exams. We all look forward to a continued partnership between parents, students and TIS as we support the class of 2014 in this final but crucial phase.

If you have any questions about mock exams or anything related to grade 12, please contact Arpita Tyagi, DP coordinator.


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