Grade 11 Artists Open with an Exciting Personal Exhibition

The grade 11 visual arts class consists of eight brave young individuals from various corners of the world who possess all sorts of creative powers. On Monday, February 24 these brave students took their introductory steps into the world of public art and presented their first DP visual arts exhibition.


The exhibition attracted a wide audience of people and there was a pleasant atmosphere in the MPR. After the initial nerves calmed down the students were able to talk to the visitors and explain the deeper meaning behind their creations.

The exhibition was an eye-opener for most students. On several occasions the grade 11 students could be heard saying “Really, do I only have this many pieces?” Nevertheless this was an opportunity to look the truth in the eyes and contemplate on matters of artistic importance such as What next? Or What do I really want to say with my work?


The eight brave grade 11 students include Yasmine Baratova, Hee Young Kim, Maxim Yakovlev, Said Haroon Tahmas, Yikyung Bae, Nikolai Cooper, Anastasiya Pak and Elvira Nurmukhamedova.

Yasmin possess the power of drawing people upside down, Hee is able to create minimalistic atmospheric spaces with only two colors, Maxim makes everyone look like a movie star as soon as he grabs the almighty pencil. Said, well he is the misunderstood artistic genius of the gang, Yikyung passionately applies paint as if it was fire burning. Nikolai draws weird creatures on a daily basis and is graphic wizard. Anastasiya has a very nice sense for oils and Elvira will draw you and bring out your true face.

They also possess the powers of slacking, being lazy, being argumentative and being smart alecks. But that’s all part of the artistic mood.


Since the exhibition was completely student-led there were some flaws with hanging and arranging their work; crookedly hung drawings or incomplete nametags randomly pinned on the display boards with the lack of symmetry or other rules. But during art class the next day, when things had calmed down from the exhibition opening, the students were able to turn these “flaws” around into their advantage with the infinite power of reflection.

For photos, visit the TIS Facbook page.




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