Grade 8 Students Explore Uzbekistan Through WWW

For one week in mid-September, students in grades 6 – 8 and 11 and 12 left the comfortable classrooms of Tashkent International School to explore the wall-less learning opportunities tucked away in the hills and dunes of Uzbekistan.

Titled Week Without Walls, the annual trips are part of the experiential learning curriculum at TIS. Every year secondary students make these trips, each grade going to a different part of Uzbekistan and focusing on a different subject area.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll highlight each grade and showcase some of the photos from their trips. A few weeks ago we highlighted the Grade 6 trip. To read more about Grade 6 and Grade 7, click on the links. Students in grades 9 and 10 will go on their Week Without Walls excursions in May.

Grade 8 – Parkent, Uzbekistan
In Grade 8 the Week Without Walls theme was sustainability – personal, interpersonal and environmental. Students visited this theme as they explored how to be apart from their families and connected to their peers and how to sustain themselves in the physical environment as well as take care of their personal well being.


Students also looked outwards to the resources that people in Parkent consume and the places and activities that they enjoy to assist their understanding of sustainable practices. This learning encouraged independence, responsibility and organization from students and helped them continue to make relevant connections to their learning at school where they have a real-world content.


Highlights of the trip were climbing the stairs to the top of the Physics of the Sun Institute, playing card games and sock wrestling on the tapchans in the afternoon, the physical challenge of hiking in the national park and learning about spiritual quietness at the Mosque and through guided meditation.

IMG_0913Photos by Hilary Allan, secondary teacher.


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