Grade 3 Artists Explore Tashkent Old and New

During their recent inquiry into the changes of cities over time, Grade 3 students focused on Tashkent as a case study. They discovered how cities change over time, how people live in cities and reasons people move in and out of cities.

Ms. Donna, elementary art teacher, worked closely with the homeroom teachers and students during art classes resulting in wonderful 3D representations of old and new Tashkent.

EPP-01.22.14 - Grade 3 Art-5

For ‘old’ Tashkent, the students used clay to fashion houses, the mosque and madrasas, bread ovens, animals and people. For ‘new’ Tashkent, the students used their imagination to transform found objects into buildings and trees, and even the Metro!  Their work can be seen in the elementary library.

EPP-01.22.14 - Grade 3 Art-8EPP-01.22.14 - Grade 3 Art-13

Photos by Erik Peterson.


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