Grade 11 Drama Production This Week at TIS

On Thursday, February 20, Friday, February 21 and Saturday, February 22 at 7:00 p.m., Grade 11 Theatre Arts students will mount their production of Gogol’s The Government Inspector. The performance will take place in the Black Box Theatre; tickets are available from the front office.

Hinging on a case of mistaken identity, Gogol’s hilarious satire tells the tale of Khlestakov, a handsome, opportunistic but impoverished civil servant from Saint Petersburg, who is assumed by the residents and officials of a small provincial town of being a high-ranking government inspector. The town’s governor and the local officials, driven by the fear of having their corruption exposed, do all they can to ingratiate themselves to the visitor.

Khlestakov capitalizes on the opportunities, weaving elaborate tales of his life as a high-ranking government official and accepting generous bribes from the town officials. After insincerely proposing to the governor’s daughter, Khlestakov flees before his true identity is discovered. Ultimately, the townsfolk realize that they have been deceived, principally by their own paranoia, but not until the imminent arrival of the real government inspector is made.

For more information, contact Rob Thorburn, drama teacher and head of department.



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