A Celebration Milestone for Kindergarten, Grade 1

The kindergarten and grade 1 students at Tashkent International School celebrated the 100th day of school on Tuesday, February 11.

In kindergarten, students created a list of 100 words they know. In another project, the kindergarteners had fun putting the teddy tens in order and making sure they each had a bundle of 10 straws before moving the packet of 10 along the line to see what 10 packets of 10 for 100 really looked like.

Grade 1 students brought in 100 pieces of items from home and participated in learning activities that demonstrate place value and the significance of 100.

Every 10 days of school leading up to the 100 Days Celebration, first graders received a letter from Zero the Hero that included a fun counting activity and supported the students in focusing on the power of the digit 0. Some of their Zero the Hero activities this year have included: counting in growing patterns; counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, and other ways; making addition and subtraction sentences; organizing the number into tally marks and more.

For the final Zero the Hero visit on February 11, first graders received some special gifts (cool glasses and 100 Days Smarter Stickers) and had to find 100 stickers hidden around the room and place them correctly on a blank 100s chart – a bit of a challenge!  They each brought in their own 100th Day Project from home to share with friends in both first grade classes.

To see photos of the 100 Days of School at TIS, go to the school Facebook page.




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