Update on Grade 10 Staircase Mural Project

After the long process of creating designs, selecting colors, mapping out the walls and working through the creative process, the Grade 10 Visual Art Students can finally see the fruit of their labor.

During the last few weeks, as the students progressed on their wall paintings, each one experienced his or her share of pain, sweat and tears. There were also internal agonies, as some team members were sometimes absent and cleaning brushes matured, causing the grade 10 students to quickly learn what it means to work in a team on a long-term art project.

This project, however, will leave a mark on the school for a long time to come and the general atmosphere is definitely influenced by their colorful designs.

Congratulations to the Grade 10 Visual Art students for their hard work and dedication! The murals can be seen in the stairwell leading to the MPR and Secondary Library.


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