Project 3580 Dance Competition on Thursday

Tickets are now available for the second annual Project 3580 teacher/student dance competition this Thursday, January 30 at 7 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre. Stop by the office for tickets.

This year’s event is titled So You Think You Can Dance? and promises to be fun and exciting. It is the main event for Project 3580, a student-let charity project that has partnered with a school in Sierra Leone. The students from TIS have pledged to help the African school with renovations and pay the carpentry contracts to men from the village for the work.

In April, TIS teacher Kate Sorrell and a few of the TIS students will travel to Sierra Leone to help with this and other projects at the school. Project 3580 is part of a larger charity organization based in the United Kingdom. It links Western teachers, students and schools with partner schools in Sierra Leone to provide sustainable humanitarian outreach that utilizes local resources and the local workforce.

For more information about Project 3580 at TIS or about the the dance competition on January 30, contact Kate Sorrell.




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