MYP Science Fair on February 13

The exciting world of science will come alive at Tashkent International School on Thursday, February 13 as middle school students in grades 6 through 8 present the results of their scientific inquiries at the annual MYP Science Fair.

The fair will be open in the evening for the TIS community, staff, parents and students. The following morning, Friday, February 14, the science exhibition will be open for a few hours to allow other students and classes to view the experiments before the exhibition is closed.

Last year grades 7 and 8 participated in the Middle School Science Fair. This year students in grade 6 will also have an opportunity to join in.

Grade 6
Students in grade 6 began working on their science projects in early January immediately after winter break. The focus of their work is on Science Design and all students will work on individual projects based on the topic of energy. Each student will work independently to research, design and test a rubber band car.

Grade 7
The grade 7 projects will involve teams of two students per experiment and teams can select their own topics through self-directed scientific inquiry. These students began their process in early December and are now working on writing their lab reports with their conclusion and evaluation.

Grade 8
The students have the unique opportunity of selecting their own topic and doing their own individual project without the assistance of a team member. Like the grade 7 students, grade 8 began working on their projects in early December. Once they returned from winter break in early January, they were ready to do their experiments.

The MYP Science Fair at TIS is an exciting event that highlights the creativity and inquisitiveness of the middle school students. Plan now to attend the fair on Thursday, February 13 and applaud these students for their hard work and intense inquiry.

The middle school fair will be coupled with the elementary science fair for preschool through grade 5, which will also be held on Thursday, February 13. Return to this website for more information as the date gets closer.




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